Every scratch, every click, every heartbeat

Every scratch, every click, every heartbeat
Every breath that I held for you…45
There’s a stack of shellac and vinyl
Which is yours now and which is mine?…45

Bass and treble heal every hurt
There’s a rebel in a nylon shirt
But the words are a mystery, I’ve heard
‘Til you turn it down to thirty-three and a third

–“45,” Elvis Costello

The first 7” vinyl 45 RPM “single” was released by RCA sixty years ago today. And despite the near-total takeover of the CD in the 1980s and 90s, and the recent explosive growth of mp3 downloads (both legal and illegal), people still continue to purchase music on vinyl. It’s been said a million times elsewhere, but there’s just something about the tactile experience of putting a record on the turntable, and sitting on the couch reading the liner notes that you just can’t get from clicking on a filename in iTunes. Yep, I still have a turntable and yep, I still use it.

The first 45 I ever bought was Paul McCartney’s “Coming Up” from his McCartney II album.

* update: youtube video removed, as it’s no longer there*

coming up like a flower

coming up like a flower

The first 7” record I ever had, however, was probably a Power Records release from 1975 featuring stories about the Flash and Aquaman.

Hi, Aquaman!

Hi, Aquaman!

Happy birthday, vinyl single! Many happy returns.


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Toxic Bag Productions, Inc. provides sound effects and music for independent films, animated shorts, theatrical productions, dance performances, podcasts and video games. They work out of their studio on the north side of Chicago.

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  1. The first 7″ I bought for myself was “Automatic” by the Pointer Sisters in 1984.

    Say what you will. I thought it was just about the coolest thing on the planet.

    But I also thought Paul McCartney pretty much walked on water back then, as well.

  2. As a friend of mine once said, “You get no judgment from me.”

  3. my first 45″ was “Endless Love” by Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross. I played that baby till the needle wore down!

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