Go forward in your beliefs

‘One day I shall come back. Yes, I shall come back. Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine. Goodbye.’ –William Hartnell, as the Doctor, “The Dalek Invasion of Earth”

We all, it seems, find the level at which we are comfortable expressing our enthusiasm for the things that bring us happiness. That’s a polite and politically constructed way of saying “fans of all stripes do some odd stuff.” Growing up when I did, I tend to be a little hesitant to be too public about my particular brand of geekiness; though I am wearing a Superman t-shirt as I type this, wearing one to junior high school was a pretty decent way to get your ass kicked. Thankfully, some people aren’t quite so hung up about letting their particular freak flag fly, and bless ‘em, I say.

As I’m a little reserved about Public Displays of Geek in my own life I have to admit to a certain fascination with people who frame the major events of their life in terms of their fandom.

On the “gamer/sci-fi/fantasy fan” side, I’ve known people who got married to the strains of the Star Wars theme, who had the Emperor’s March played as they left the church, people who had full medieval-dress weddings or gotten married at game conventions. On the “sports fan” side I know couples who have had baseball-themed weddings or gotten married on the field at Comiskey Park, Yankee Stadium and Fenway.

Aren't you a little short for a groomsman?

Aren't you a little short for a groomsman?

Fanboy weddings is one thing. I can get behind that, the harmless geekitude of it, the fun and celebration/recognition of what is (hopefully) one of the many things that the couple love, and love about each other.

Fanboy funerals is something I’m still getting my head around. There’s a whole industry cropping up the last few years geared towards sending sci-fi fans, NASCAR enthusiasts, sports geeks, and motorcycle riders to their eternal reward in a manner that reflects their greatest earthly passion.

There are caskets and urns for Star Trek fans, one of which looks like the photon torpedo casing that carried Spock’s body to the Genesis planet. Oddly, I like that one, as it’s almost as potent a plea for resurrection of the body as anything you’ll find in a Catholic service. A couple of years ago Major League Baseball announced they were licensing team logos for use on caskets. I’ve seen the Harley-Davidson caskets and the Harley hearse for taking that last ride. In 2001, Gene Simmons and company offered a line of KISS coffins (sadly, it was discontinued in 2006).

Gene Simmons with the KISS KAsket

Gene Simmons with the KISS Kasket

The KISS Kasket was one of the first fanboy coffins I heard about, and I suppose it should have gotten me started in getting used to the idea, but still, this story took me by surprise.

A David Tennant lookalike who died in a tragic accident had a time-travelling funeral – to go out just like his Dr Who hero.
Seb Neale, 26, had a coffin like a Tardis time machine complete with blue flashing light for his out-of-this world send-off.
His family replaced sombre funeral music with the Dr Who theme tune and mourners sang along and burst into applause…instead of readings from the scriptures, the service used original scripts from classic Dr Who episodes.

TARDIS coffin

I’ve been a Doctor Who fan since the sixth grade, and while I’m pretty sure that a Fanboy funeral is not something I’d want for myself…I dunno. The TARDIS coffin? It’s kinda cool. Rest in Peace, Doc.

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  1. That is really fantastic! I like the idea of reading stuff from Dr. Who.

  2. Now you know what to ask for your birthday this year…

    Seriously – KISS KASKET? No way I’d put my corpse in one of those…well, maybe the ‘ACE’ model…

  3. So if I were to knit you a Dr. Who scarf like the one Tom Baker wore, you wouldn’t wear it in public?

  4. Ha! Awesome.

    …I actually already have one.

  5. So you’re a geek, just a subtle geek. It’s like a secret society. If someone came up to you and said that’s the Dr. Who scarf, you would know you were speaking to a fellow geek. I have this cool guitar strap knitting pattern where the stripes are based on the fibonacci sequence …

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