We’re not going to GenCon

Toxic Bag has exhibited at the GenCon gaming fair in the past, and we’ve had a fine time. And it does break—or at the very least bend to an uncomfortable degree—our hearts that we won’t be at this year’s convention. We will miss, among other things, a dear friend’s wedding (congrats, Chain Mail Girl!) and the opportunity to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Bag Witch Project movie (those of you who don’t know what that is…stay tuned; there will be a series of posts about it soon) with the people who made it what it was.

Why aren’t we going? What is it that’s so important that it would pull us away? Well, without letting too many cats out of too many bags, we have a slew of new products in the works and have to stay around Chicago making them right before releasing them onto an unsuspecting public. So…GenCon 2010 may well be in the, um, cards. As it were.

I have said too much.

To offset the fact that we won’t be at the ‘con, we’re offering the same Convention pricing we’d offer at the Toxic Bag Booth. Through the month of August, if you buy any Toxic Bag products from us at toxicbag.com, you can get 30% off the cost of your order (this does not include shipping costs). Just enter coupon code GENCON when you’re checking out and the SKYNET computer system will do the rest…just like it’s been doing all along as it edges closer and closer to taking control of the entire world.

I have said too much.

About toxicbag

Toxic Bag Productions, Inc. provides sound effects and music for independent films, animated shorts, theatrical productions, dance performances, podcasts and video games. They work out of their studio on the north side of Chicago.

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  1. My God, the cats! We’re gonna need a boat-load more bags…and probably some kitty litter…Stat!

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