You Never Give Me Your Money

EMI has decided to sell off Abbey Road Studios, possibly the most famous of their assets. The studio is, of course, well-known as the place where the lion’s share of The Beatles’ albums were recorded (some sessions were done at other London studios such as Olympic for various reasons). But the legacy of Abbey Road studios goes back to the 1930s and includes recordings by the London Symphony Orchestra, Glenn Miller, Cliff Richard and The Shadows, Pink Floyd and Radiohead, among many others.

There is no way to know what the new owners –whoever they may be- will do with the EMI studios building once it has changed hands. The two most likely options are 1) it will continue to be a functioning studio business, and b) it will become a museum of 20th century recording arts, focusing primarily on the Beatles. (Whether, in either case, the new owners also have the rights to the name “Abbey Road Studios” is another matter entirely.) Other options that involve removing the existing studio structures are possible but too awful to consider.

As big a Beatles fan as I am, I’d prefer that Abbey Road not become a museum. And if it does…I hope it’s not so Beatle-centric. The history of EMI studios at Abbey Road is deeper and richer than just one band, even if that band is the biggest pop band in history.

Plus, the idea of walking into Studio 2 and seeing a permanent “Beatle” exhibit, with wax dummies holding Rickenbacker guitars, and Vox amps strewn about—as if the lads are about to roll tape on “Ticket To Ride”…I find that monumentally depressing.

On the other hand, if there’s a George Martin action figure or a Geoff Emerick Control Room playset in the gift shop, I’ll be there in a heartbeat.

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