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GMC iPhone/iPad app v2.0

We’re proud to announce that we’ve released version 2.0 of our Game Masters Collection app for the iPhone and iPad. Here’s what’s new:

• A sound slider (or scrubber) is now included. This displays the elapsed duration of the playing sound and also allows re-positioning of the currently playing sound.

• Sounds can be set to loop (repeat) indefinitely – great for sounds that are background/ambience such as the peaceful village, the eerie haunted house, or onboard the dirigible!

• The Favorites list has been replaced with Soundlists. As with Favorites, Soundlists are collections of sounds you could gather for particular occasions, settings, or adventures. Now you can have any number of Soundlists, with distinctive names for each of your games.

We want to hear from you! Are you using the Game Masters app? Are you using the Game Masters CDs? What new sounds do you want to hear from us?


Joe and Steve


New product release: Monsters downloads

“A pretty creepy collection…Made the hair on my neck stand on end…a must have!” –review of “Monsters,” Brian’s Small Press Picks, Knights of the Dinner Table

Monsters, our second volume of sound effects for role-playing games is now available for individual track download. You can download the entire disc if you like, but if all you need is the Hellhound track, you can now grab if for 49¢.

Individual track downloads are also available for Volume One: The Twentieth Century, Volume Three: Fantasy, and Battles. We’ll be adding individual downloads for Volume Four: Strange Places soon, but the full album download for that is available.

Monsters CD cover

“Are you one of those DMs who can mimic a fabulous array of voices and make convincing sound effects during the game? Me, neither. For those of us with a limited vocal range, Toxic Bag Productions has come to the rescue with a series of sound effects for your roleplaying campaign.”
–Dragon Magazine #284

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