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More SPECIMEN: podcasts and videos

I may have mentioned it before, but we’ve started a monthly podcast to talk about sound effects stuff, genre stuff, movies, etc. And we also talk a lot about our new board game. This month we continue a conversation we started last month with Eric Van Tassell and Alan Vuchichevich, who are two of the actors in the game. They’ve also done loads of playtesting on Specimen and have some great insights on how to play the Specimen and how to play the crew. You can get all of our podcasts at or through iTunes.


We’ve also started putting up how-to strategy videos about Specimen at the Specimen page. The most recent addition deals with the Tracking units and can be seen here.


New Podcast: Zombies and more Zombies!

Be sure to check out our new podcast, where we talk about our new Zombie stuff, announce the new Specimen game board design, and discuss the new crop of horror TV shows for the fall.

Like the podcast and want to always be up to date? You can grab the RSS Feed here!

New Podcast: with guest star Ele Matelan

We’ve recently started a series of podcasts, which are available in audio form from and with video at our Vimeo channel. Our most recent podcast, episode 6, is available now at Drivethru and the video version will be up in a couple of days. This month we have a special guest, local Chicago actor Ele Matelan, who appears as Navigator Whitaker in the Specimen Board game and was also The Girl With the Dagon Tattoo. Ele joins us to talk about her time on board the TCS Brown , her new work with Wildclaw Theater and Factory Theater in Chicago, and what summer movies she still wants to see.

You can download the podcast here.

Ele Matelan

Ele Matelan

Paper Machete: Best Comedy Variety Show

The Paper Machete is a weekly show in Chicago, run by a couple of very awesome people I know–Christopher Piatt and Ali Weiss. From time to time (though not as often as I’d like), I help them out by recording the show for their podcast. This week, the Paper Machete was named “Best Comedy Variety Show” by the Chicago Reader.

Congratulations to Christopher, Ali, and all of the fantastic Chicago performers who have made the Paper Machete so amazing!

The Paper Machete happens every Saturday at 3pm at the Horseshoe at 4115 N. Lincoln Ave. It is FREE, and shows usually run around 90 minutes with one break. For more details, see the Paper Machete show news page.

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