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New Soundpack: Horror!

Our new Soundpack, “Horror #1,” is now available at and

Continuing the tradition of the award-winning Game Masters Collection,
Horror #1 is a collection of sounds inspired by classic horror films of the 1930s and 40s.

Sounds include:

• Vampire destroyed by sunlight (scream and disintegrate)
• Vampire destroyed by sunlight (burns up)
• Vampire destroyed by sunlight (explodes)
• Drive stake through vampire’s heart
• Animating the Man-Made Monster
• Mob of Angry Villagers
• Reading the Ancient Egyptian Curse (British and American accents)
• The Sarcophagus opens
• Canopic Jar opens
• Reading the Ancient Curse and Awakening the Mummy (British and American accents)


GMC iPad app and new Soundpack

Version 2.1 of our Game Masters Collection app for the iPhone and iPad is now available at the Apple app store. In addition to the cool new features we introduced in v2, we’re also introducing our first Soundpack, a new collection of game sounds for the Game Masters app.

The “Fantasy #1” Soundpack includes 15 new swords-and-sorcery sounds from Toxic Bag, including new trumpet fanfares, dungeon doors, whip cracks, the mythical monster Medusa, and magic goblets and soul-destroying mystical gems. It’s available now as a $0.99 in-app purchase.

We plan to release more Soundpacks in the coming months, and we want to know what sounds you want to use in your games. Leave a comment here and let us know!

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