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New Soundpack: Transmissions from the Zombie Apocalypse

Our new Soundpack adds to the growing selection of Zombie-themed effects we’ve created for your modern horror campaigns.


The dead are returning to life and attacking the living. The government has responded to this world crisis. How will they keep the public informed? What about the media?

Transmissions from the Zombie Apocalypse gives you audio clips to use during your zombie campaigns. Now your players can hear what’s going on in other parts of the world as the crisis unfolds.

Perfect for modern zombie survival games.

Transmissions From The Zombie Apocalypse Volume One includes:

• Police Radio Call: A patrol car responds to a disturbance in a hotel parking lot.
• Domestic News Broadcast: WTBI radio provides a chilling look at what’s happening in the U.S. after the first few weeks of the zombie uprising.
• World News Broadcast: Radio London reports how other parts of the globe are dealing with the zombie outbreak.
• Emergency Action Message – National: The National EAM system has been activated due to a biological threat.
• Emergency Action Messages – Local (4 Messages) The local EAM system has been activated due to a violent incident.
• Traffic Report: WTBI’s own “Eye in the Sky” Stevie Andrews reports on a crashed bus on the highway. But why are some of the accident victims attacking paramedics?

Transmissions From The Zombie Apocalypse Volume One is available from or And don’t forget our Free Sound tie-in: the Zombie Apocalypse 911 call!


New sounds: Zombie City

Zombie Apocalypse 3: The City

Our newest sound collection is Zombie Apocalypse Volume Three: The City. Two six-minute background ambiences set in a city that has become infested with the walking dead. Or the living dead. The ambulatory-and-kinda-bitey dead. Whatever you want to call them. They’re the slow shambly ones.

“Our whole perimeter is collapsing. Those things are everywhere!”

The dead are returning to life and attacking the living. The military has responded and now major cities have become battlefields.

Can you survive in this nightmare world?

Zombie Apocalypse Volume Three includes two six-minute scenes of zombie terror.

Track One: The city has become a maelstrom of combat: the gunfire and explosions, the armored vehicles and airstrikes – and everywhere, the dead.

Track Two: The living have abandoned the now devastated city. It now belongs to the dead.

Perfect for modern zombie survival games. Available at and


Our Free Sound this month is a companion to Zombie City: Zombies Attack The Car.

You’ve made a break for it. You and your buddy finally decided it wasn’t safe to stay at the pub any longer, and it was time to make a run for the car. You sprint across the parking lot, dropping a few of the walking dead with your last bullets. Finally you reach the relative safety of your car.

Say…you didn’t leave the headlights on, did you?


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