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Rock-Con wrap up

Hi, I’m Joe Griffin, from Toxic Bag Productions…

The Toxic Bag crew had a great time at Rock-Con this part weekend. We played lots of demos of Space Monster with some fantastic people. In the coming days, Mr. Blood will be posting after-action reports about some of those demo games on his blog. We’re learning a lot about where we need to take the game from where it is, and we’re quite blown away by the enthusiasm people have for Space Monster. Thanks, everybody!


Toxic Bag at Rock-Con

This weekend, Nov. 4-6, Toxic Bag will be at Rock-Con in Rockford, Illinois. We’ll be selling our critically-acclaimed sound effects for role playing games as well as running demos of our new board game, Space Monster.

We hope to see you there!

Joe and Steve

Space Monster pre-orders!

We’re tremendously excited to announce that we have begun accepting pre-orders for Space Monster, our new board game! We’ve done years of development and play-testing, and now it’s time to see if we can produce it! Here’s how it works in a nutshell: You pre-order the game, but we don’t charge your credit card just yet. Once we have enough pre-orders that we know we can afford to print up the game, we charge all the cards, print up the games and send them out to you. For more specifics, see our P500 page.

Much like the Kickstarter fundraising programs you may be familiar with, this method allows small businesses such as ours to create cool new products without risking everything by taking out huge loans or subjecting ourselves to scientific experiments for cash.

Space Monster is a two-person, card-driven board game that pits the human crew of an interstellar freighter against the predatory creature that has come aboard. For more information, visit the Space Monster page on our site.

I-Con Space Monster demos

A couple of weeks ago we went to I-Con in Springfield, and ran a bunch of demos for Space Monster.

Set up for the first two demos

We’ll be using the feedback from these demos (and we’re getting great responses, thanks everyone!) to improve the game as we work towards publishing it. Steve (Mr. Blood) will be posting a series of After-Action reports on the demos, so you can get a sense of the game, and follow its development. The first one is on his blog.

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