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Game Masters Collection CD Clearance

Have you been wanting to pick up our critically-acclaimed Game Masters Collection sound effects for role playing, but couldn’t quite scare up the extra dough? We feel your pain, and due to tight space in our warehouse you’re in luck. We’ve got a limited supply of Game Masters (and BATTLES) compact discs left in stock, and we’re blowing them out at $1.50 per disc. The Game Masters Complete Collection –over 200 sounds on 4 CDs– is available for $5.00! While supplies last; we won’t be re-pressing these CDs, so get them while you can!

Game Masters Complete Collection

Volume One: The Twentieth Century CD: $1.50
Volume Two: Monsters CD: $1.50
Volume Three: Fantasy CD: $1.50
Volume Four: Strange Places CD: $1.50
The Game Masters Complete Collection 4-CD set: $5.00

“Are you one of those DMs who can mimic a fabulous array of voices and make convincing sound effects during the game? Me, neither. For those of us with a limited vocal range, Toxic Bag Productions has come to the rescue with a series of sound effects for your roleplaying campaign.”
–Dragon #284

“The discs feed the imagination by providing the auditory equivalent of flavor text, those long passages of description found in almost every Dungeons & Dragons module. The Game Masters Collection …provide[s] GMs with just the right sound for just the right moment. Diehard game masters…are going to love this collection.” –Kenneth Newquist,

“A pretty creepy collection…made the hair on my neck stand on end…a must have!” –Brian’s Small Press Picks, Knights of the Dinner Table

Battles front cover

Battles CD: $1.50

“While I’ve obviously never been in the middle of a sword and sorcery melee or a Civil War battle, [BATTLES] sounds pretty much like I imagine it would.” –Kenneth Newquist, Nuketown

“One of the best…BATTLES is a top notch game aid. This one CD has so many uses, it’s really a shame not to own it.” –Brian’s Small Press Picks, Knights of the Dinner Table

“…all the war ambience you need.” –Sorting the Loot, Nodwick

*prices apply to physical CDs only. Downloads are still at the regular price.

Xmas in July sale at DriveThruRPG

Time for a sale! This week, Toxic Bag products at DrivethruRPG will be 25% off!

The 2012 X-Mas in July Sale at DrivethruRPG will start 7/23 at 10am and run until 7/30 at 10am.

Ghost in the Graveyard soundtrack

We love those old horror movies from the late 1970s and early 1980s; the slasher films, the monster-from-outer-space films, the zombie films. What we especially love are the soundtracks. The really low-budget, simple scores that eschewed live orchestras in favor of banks of analog synthesizers and were often composed and performed by the director himself. And we love to use those soundtracks in our games. But invariably, we’ll cue up a track from one of these films to underscore a dramatic moment and realize that the players were thinking less about the game – and more about the movie the music came from.

So we decided to create our own awesome 80s horror movie music. As fate would have it, we do have a few vintage analog synths in our studio (including an old Moog Rogue and a Roland Juno 106), so we fired them up and started playing.

The result is the “Ghost in the Graveyard” soundtrack album: nine dark, moody music pieces performed on classic analog synths in the style of those fantastic 80s horror flicks.

There’s no movie, of course, just a bunch of cool music. But we kinda didn’t let that stop us. Just for kicks, as we were mastering the album, we also rounded up a couple of local actors and shot fake trailers and opening credits for the movie that doesn’t exist.

Ghost In The Graveyard Trailer #1 from Toxic Bag on Vimeo.

And we didn’t stop with the trailers! Downloads of the soundtrack from DrivethruRPG or Toxic Bag also include a special set of souvenir lobby cards, 2 movie posters and a reproduction of a 1983 newspaper ad with showtimes for “Ghost in the Graveyard.”

Clearly, we had a lot of fun working on this project. We hope you enjoy it as well.

You can see the trailers at our YouTube and Vimeo pages, and buy the soundtrack at Toxic Bag dot com or DrivethruRPG.

Special thanks to Stephanie Lewis, Alan Vuchichevich and Ele Matelan for their great work on the trailers!

New sound product: Sounds of the Pacific War: Carrier War #1

We’ve just released a new World War Two sound set, Sounds of the Pacific War: Carrier War #1.

Perfect for miniatures or war games, Sounds of the Pacific War: Carrier War #1 puts you right in the middle of the Pacific War ca. 1942. mp3 sounds include:

American Dauntless and Devestator bombers and Wildcat fighters roar off the flight deck of an American carrier to attack a distant Japanese task force.

A group of Dauntless dive bombers attacks a Japanese carrier force.

A group of Kate torpedo planes escorted by Zero fighters attacks an American carrier force.

Sounds of the Pacific War: Carrier War #1 is available for $1.50 from and Wargamer Vault.

Downloadable December: sounds sale

Happy Holidays! During December, all of our downloadable sound effects collections* are 20% off.

The Game Masters Complete Collection reg. $29.99 now $23.99
Individual Game Masters and Battles volumes reg. $9.99 now $7.99
Soundpacks reg. 99¢ now 79¢

* does not include physical product or individual track downloads

New Soundpack: sci-fi blasters and deflector shields

December’s new soundpack is Sci-Fi: Blasters and Deflector Shields: a collection of 16 energy weapon and shield sound effects for your Galactic Sci-Fi Operas. Sounds include:

• Blast Pistol – Single Shot
• Blast Pistol – Series
• Disintegrator Pistol – Single Shot
• Blast Rifle – Single Shot
• Blast Rifle – Series
• Plasma Rifle – Single Shot
• Energy Needle Gun – Single Shot
• Energy Needle Gun – Series
• Ion Gun – Single Shot
• Ion Gun – Semi Automatic
• Ion Gun – Full Automatic
• High Intensity Streaming Laser – Long Duration
• High Intensity Streaming Laser – Medium Duration
• High Intensity Streaming Laser – Short Duration
• Body Armor Field – MK I
• Body Army Field – MK II

Sci-Fi: Blasters and Deflector Shields is available for 99¢ from or

And as always, our Free Sound of the Month ties in with the Soundpack –it’s what we’re calling a “Streaming Neutrino Gun.” Not only can you destroy alien robot sentries by firing it, you can also make your physicist friends apoplectic just by describing it!

New Soundpack: Traps!

This month’s soundpack is a great collection of vicious traps for your Fantasy campaigns. The Fantasy: Traps soundpack includes 11 trap sounds:

• Room Trap – Stone Walls Compact: Sealed inside a stone chamber, the walls begin inching closer. One thing is clear–the party is going to be a lot taller.
• Room Trap – Short fall: A classic trap door leading to a nine foot drop onto a hard stone floor.
• Room Trap – Short fall into spike pit: This trap opens above a bunch of spikes…shish kebab anyone?
• Room Trap – Fall into liquid: This trap starts with a 35 foot drop into a body of liquid. What kind of liquid and what’s in it, we leave up to you…and say, is that a giant fin???
• Room Trap – Fall into Monster pit: As if falling 9 feet and landing in a heap wasn’t bad enough, now there is a large beastie joining the party for lunch. Ooops! We meant to say “eating” instead of “joining.”
• Room Trap – Ceiling collapses: First you stick them in a dank, dark cave. Second, you seal the tunnel exit. And C, now it appears that the ceiling is coming down! Talk about a lousy afternoon.
• Chest Trap – Acid spray: The good news is, the party just found a treasure chest. The bad news is, that “runny” nose the elf just got is not from a cold…
• Floor Trap – Crossbow bolt fired: A stone pressure plate fires a crossbow bolt into the room. Perfect for temple defense!
• Floor Trap – Multiple Crossbow bolts fired: The same as above, but with many, many bolts being fired. Just let them try to steal the idol now!
• Trap Trigger – Stone: Just like it says – a stone trigger you can use for any trap you want!
• Trap Trigger – Latch: Same as the stone trigger, but this time it’s a metal latch. Enjoy!

In usual Toxic Bag fashion, we’ve left off the “result” part of many of these traps. Who knows? Your players might just get out of them alive! Fantasy: Traps is available now at DriveThruRPG for 99¢.

Also, be sure to grab our Free Sound for this month. It’s another nasty Trap – the Bottomless pit!

Space Monster pre-orders!

We’re tremendously excited to announce that we have begun accepting pre-orders for Space Monster, our new board game! We’ve done years of development and play-testing, and now it’s time to see if we can produce it! Here’s how it works in a nutshell: You pre-order the game, but we don’t charge your credit card just yet. Once we have enough pre-orders that we know we can afford to print up the game, we charge all the cards, print up the games and send them out to you. For more specifics, see our P500 page.

Much like the Kickstarter fundraising programs you may be familiar with, this method allows small businesses such as ours to create cool new products without risking everything by taking out huge loans or subjecting ourselves to scientific experiments for cash.

Space Monster is a two-person, card-driven board game that pits the human crew of an interstellar freighter against the predatory creature that has come aboard. For more information, visit the Space Monster page on our site.

I-Con Space Monster demos

A couple of weeks ago we went to I-Con in Springfield, and ran a bunch of demos for Space Monster.

Set up for the first two demos

We’ll be using the feedback from these demos (and we’re getting great responses, thanks everyone!) to improve the game as we work towards publishing it. Steve (Mr. Blood) will be posting a series of After-Action reports on the demos, so you can get a sense of the game, and follow its development. The first one is on his blog.

Toxic Bag sounds on DriveThruRPG

All of our Game Masters and Battles sounds are now available for download through We’ve also begun releasing our Soundpacks –99¢ bundles of ten or so game sounds– there as well. As on our site, you can listen to previews of the sounds before you buy them.

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