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Free Sound for April: Matter Transporter

Our Free Sound for April is a Matter Transporter that sounds like it came from one of those spaceships we saw on TV in the 1950s and 60s. If you’re playing a retro sci-fi game, this might be the thing for you!


Get the Matter Transporter sound here.


The Matter Transporter. A quick flash of energy into which a person vanishes, to (hopefully) appear elsewhere in a fraction of a second. Invented in the mid-twentieth century on Earth to avoid having to film costly spaceship landing sequences, it quickly became a staple of televised science fiction from Star Trek to Doctor Who. This month’s Free Sound is not a precise recreation of either the Enterprise’s transporter or the Trans-Mat of Doctor Who fame, but rather calls to mind the early electronic sound techniques of the 1950s and 60s. If your game has a whimsical element to it, or if it’s set in a “Forbidden Planet”-type future, this sound will definitely come in handy!

This sound can also be used for:
laser guns
force-field impacts
super-agile battle robots that can move faster than the eye can see
magic spells cast by cartoon wizards

New sounds: Zombie City

Zombie Apocalypse 3: The City

Our newest sound collection is Zombie Apocalypse Volume Three: The City. Two six-minute background ambiences set in a city that has become infested with the walking dead. Or the living dead. The ambulatory-and-kinda-bitey dead. Whatever you want to call them. They’re the slow shambly ones.

“Our whole perimeter is collapsing. Those things are everywhere!”

The dead are returning to life and attacking the living. The military has responded and now major cities have become battlefields.

Can you survive in this nightmare world?

Zombie Apocalypse Volume Three includes two six-minute scenes of zombie terror.

Track One: The city has become a maelstrom of combat: the gunfire and explosions, the armored vehicles and airstrikes – and everywhere, the dead.

Track Two: The living have abandoned the now devastated city. It now belongs to the dead.

Perfect for modern zombie survival games. Available at and


Our Free Sound this month is a companion to Zombie City: Zombies Attack The Car.

You’ve made a break for it. You and your buddy finally decided it wasn’t safe to stay at the pub any longer, and it was time to make a run for the car. You sprint across the parking lot, dropping a few of the walking dead with your last bullets. Finally you reach the relative safety of your car.

Say…you didn’t leave the headlights on, did you?


Zombie Sounds!

• Our new RPG sound product is Zombie Apocalypse: Farmhouse Siege: Two 3-minute scenes depicting a horde of the undead attempting to break into a small house. In the first track (“Stalemate”), they don’t break in; in the second (“Break-in”), they burst in during the final minute of the scene. We’ve included a separate one-minute scene of just that terrifying final minute as well, if you just want to jump straight to the devastation. “Stalemate” and “Break-in” can also be purchased separately.

Zombie Apocalypse: Farmhouse Siege is available from or

• Our Free Sound this month is Zombie Voices, a moaning, groaning, wailing group of the reanimated dead.

New Soundpack: sci-fi blasters and deflector shields

December’s new soundpack is Sci-Fi: Blasters and Deflector Shields: a collection of 16 energy weapon and shield sound effects for your Galactic Sci-Fi Operas. Sounds include:

• Blast Pistol – Single Shot
• Blast Pistol – Series
• Disintegrator Pistol – Single Shot
• Blast Rifle – Single Shot
• Blast Rifle – Series
• Plasma Rifle – Single Shot
• Energy Needle Gun – Single Shot
• Energy Needle Gun – Series
• Ion Gun – Single Shot
• Ion Gun – Semi Automatic
• Ion Gun – Full Automatic
• High Intensity Streaming Laser – Long Duration
• High Intensity Streaming Laser – Medium Duration
• High Intensity Streaming Laser – Short Duration
• Body Armor Field – MK I
• Body Army Field – MK II

Sci-Fi: Blasters and Deflector Shields is available for 99¢ from or

And as always, our Free Sound of the Month ties in with the Soundpack –it’s what we’re calling a “Streaming Neutrino Gun.” Not only can you destroy alien robot sentries by firing it, you can also make your physicist friends apoplectic just by describing it!

New Soundpack: Traps!

This month’s soundpack is a great collection of vicious traps for your Fantasy campaigns. The Fantasy: Traps soundpack includes 11 trap sounds:

• Room Trap – Stone Walls Compact: Sealed inside a stone chamber, the walls begin inching closer. One thing is clear–the party is going to be a lot taller.
• Room Trap – Short fall: A classic trap door leading to a nine foot drop onto a hard stone floor.
• Room Trap – Short fall into spike pit: This trap opens above a bunch of spikes…shish kebab anyone?
• Room Trap – Fall into liquid: This trap starts with a 35 foot drop into a body of liquid. What kind of liquid and what’s in it, we leave up to you…and say, is that a giant fin???
• Room Trap – Fall into Monster pit: As if falling 9 feet and landing in a heap wasn’t bad enough, now there is a large beastie joining the party for lunch. Ooops! We meant to say “eating” instead of “joining.”
• Room Trap – Ceiling collapses: First you stick them in a dank, dark cave. Second, you seal the tunnel exit. And C, now it appears that the ceiling is coming down! Talk about a lousy afternoon.
• Chest Trap – Acid spray: The good news is, the party just found a treasure chest. The bad news is, that “runny” nose the elf just got is not from a cold…
• Floor Trap – Crossbow bolt fired: A stone pressure plate fires a crossbow bolt into the room. Perfect for temple defense!
• Floor Trap – Multiple Crossbow bolts fired: The same as above, but with many, many bolts being fired. Just let them try to steal the idol now!
• Trap Trigger – Stone: Just like it says – a stone trigger you can use for any trap you want!
• Trap Trigger – Latch: Same as the stone trigger, but this time it’s a metal latch. Enjoy!

In usual Toxic Bag fashion, we’ve left off the “result” part of many of these traps. Who knows? Your players might just get out of them alive! Fantasy: Traps is available now at DriveThruRPG for 99¢.

Also, be sure to grab our Free Sound for this month. It’s another nasty Trap – the Bottomless pit!

Free Sound, October 2011: Vampire!

I could see in the moonlight the moisture shining on the scarlet lips and on the red tongue as it lapped the white sharp teeth. Lower and lower went her head as the lips went below the range of my mouth and chin and seemed to fasten on my throat. I could feel the soft, shivering touch of the lips on the supersensitive skin of my throat, and the hard dents of two sharp teeth, just touching and pausing there…


Last month we launched our Free Sound club: once a month (give or take) we give you a free sound to use in your RPG (or ringtone, or, y’know, whatever). This month’s free sound is now available over at the Free Sound page.

Because Halloween is this month, our October free sound is a vampire, sucking the blood from its hapless victim. For more vampire (and mummy, and a few other scary things) sounds, check out the new Horror soundpack, which we’ll release in early October on, and as an in-app download for iPad!

Free Sound Club!

We’d like to announce the Toxic Bag Free Sound Club. Once a month -give or take- we’ll send you a link where you can download a new sound effect from the Toxic Bag effects archive. All you have to do is open our emails when they show up. Though if you want to be really groovy, you could leave us a note on Facebook, or on our messageboard, or here at the blog, to let us know how you like the free sounds, or how you’re using our sounds in your games, or what sounds you’d like us to make for you!

You can grab the Free Sound for September at You’ll be asked to give your email address, and from time to time we’ll send you en email with some news, as well as download links for future Free Sounds. We promise not to overwhelm your mailbox, and of course you can unsubscribe at any time.

To go along with this month’s new Soundpack, “SPY #1,” September’s free sound is a badass spy car–equipped with flame throwers!

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